Swap - Slovakia - Ireland ;)

Swap - Slovensko - Írsko;)

I am so excited! :) 
I finally had a chance to open package which was sent to me by beautiful, very talented and creative Blogger from Slovakia. 
Her name is Zuzana and she is just brilliant! She even has two blogs!

So go and check her out or Subscribe to her YouTube for beauty and for design. ;)

Basically I wanted to try some cosmetics which Slovak and Czech Bloggers are talking about and I can't get it here in Ireland and I promised Suzi to do the very same. ;) 

I really want to Thank for everything she sent me as it made me really happy and I can't stop looking at the packaging she actually embroidered my name on! :O
I can feel the love, effort and care she put in to it!

I hope she likes my package also and if you want to see what I got for her just click here.

The video is in Slovak language but I promise the next one will be in English again. ;)

Video about opening the package:

Beautiful Candle

Little Rabbit for my phone made by Suzi

Sedita - Mint Biscuit (Love Slovak Sweets! ;) )

Alverde (Naturkosmetik) Eyeshadow in Cryp Green

Gabriella Salvete - Calcium (She knows how weak my nails are ;))

Gabriella Salvete - Liquid Contour in 01 Black (My first liquid liner. :) :) :) Challenge!)

Dermacol - 02 Lip Seduction Click Lipstick

Dermacol - Pencil Eyeliner in 5 (Purple)

Pupa - Multiplay Tripple-Purpose Eye Pensil in 19 (Brown)

Pupa - Lasting Color Glossy Nail Polish in N108 (Purple)

Cosmetica Fanatica - 110143 Eyeshadow pencil in Beautiful Pearl Color

Corine De Farme - Hydrating Face Cream


Keep Smiling... :)