Beauty things I SUCK at... :)

Beauty veci v ktorých niesom dobrá... :)

I was tagged by beautiful Blogger Suzi from Slovakia and that is the reason why the video is in Slovak language.

Bola som zatagovaná mojou milou Suzi, takže video je v Slovenčine... :) 
Zabávajte sa... ak sa dá. :)

A ja tagujem Nicku, Yvettku a Mismart. :)  Dúfam, že ste to ešte nerobili... :)

Body Lotion
When I started to watch this tag on YouTube I realized, that I am really bad in using body lotion after shower. Especially when my skin is so dry... I guess it would be a good idea so one of  Czech bloggers Petra inspired me and I started to be very good in it and believe my skin will "thank" me in hmmmmm 10 years or so.... :)

Liquid Liner
You all already know that I dont do "any liners" at all most of the time and when it comes to liquid liner.... I HAVE NO IDEA how people can do it at all.... It must be some magic... :) But I got one recently in swap with Suzi so I will start to practise and you never know... :)

Curling Eyelashes
Well, I guess I am doing this completely wrong because I don't see any difference. The truth is that I am scared to put the curler to close to my eye and because it is not where it should be, it doesn't have the effect what I am looking for. :) :) :)

Fake Tan
:) :) :) :) :) Firstly,  I don't understand Why people do it at all.... and the other thing.
I have used one spray tan in my life and it ended up as a total disaster.... and I am not planning to do it ever again. For what? I am a very "white" person... so I will stay that way... I would like to give a little message to people who think that it gives a "healthy glow"... no it doesn't! :D :D :D
I personally haven't seen anybody after applying it and either looked orange or you could see those "marks of dirt" on their body.... Now, all my friends who I don't know they use it will text me that they do and I never noticed.... which would mean that there are people who know what to do with it....hmmmmmm...... interesting...... :)

Care about my Feet
Don't get scared. :) I do wash myself and wash my feet and cut my toenails of course.... but that is basically it! :) :) :) I know there is so many sprays, special lotions and scrubs which should be used and also special socks for nighttime or something but I am just too lazy to use any of those. :)

Refreshing my make up and touching of my face
You know when you are somewhere at party and once you get in to toilet its so hard for you to wash your hands because there is about hundred girls refreshing their make up, applying powder, lip gloss, blush everything.... so It will never be ME! :) I come and I look really beautiful... :D :D :D and then as the night is going and people are getting more "drunk" I believe that they don't care anymore and I don't care either... :D :D :D :D and also I am really bad in touching my face. I do it all the time... and it is definitely not great as our hands are not very clean most of the time. :(

There is much more and more and more and more........ but I don't want you to fall asleep. :)

Just believe me..... even if somebody looks just perfect on TV on YouTube or in magazine... we are all "just people" good in some things and not brilliant in others. :) 
You are all beautiful the way you are!

Keep Smiling... :)