Thailand - The Biggest Adventure of My Life (Part 2 - Krabi)

The flight was just about an hour long and then we went by taxi (an hour drive) to Emerald Gardens. It was so beautiful there... The place looked like small village in the middle of a jungle.... so much insects (but not inside of our little "house") and little animals. When we were walking in to our room it was already dark and Patrik stepped on small snake. :D :D :D He nearly had a heart attack and he thought he was bitten for next 2 days. :D :D :D But of course he wasn't. ;)

OK, the first day on the beach.  Yeeeaaaahhh!
When we arrived there, we looked like the WHITEST PEOPLE in the World. :) 
People were selling water and watermelon for nearly nothing on the beach and Unexpectedly one of the Thai Girls told me that she really liked my teeth and she would love to have the very same ones. :) :) .... well.... when we think about the fact that they use "whitening creams".... it actually doesn't surprise me at all..... :D :D :D
We were so tired from Bangkok so we accidentally fell asleep on the beach.
Patrik on his back and me.... on my stomach... and when we woke up the surprise was PAINFUL LIKE A HELL.....   :D :D :D Patrik was not able to laugh and I? Sit! :D :D :D

We went for  "4 Islands day trip" including Ko Phi-Phi (where the famous Beach movie with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed) and it was really good. We tried Snorkeling for the first time and it was probably the best experience of the day. Ones you put your head under the water… New World just appears…. Waaaaaaaaaw… 
The very funny thing what I noticed in the restaurant we went for a dinner was that in stead of ladies and gentlemen they have written woman and man on the doors to toilet…. Hilarious!

We went for another all day trip and were pretty lucky again because it was only us coming from the area so we ended up with only one Thai Guy (called Noom) in the car and could have talked to him about everything, asked him a lot of questions about people, country and the culture.   
For example I had no idea that pineapple tree is so little and only one pineapple grows on one tree.  
They grow it like we grow potatoes. :D :D :D 
The first part of a day was rafting.  
I was pretty scared and when the guy who was giving us a little training noticed it, he just started to talk about all possible injuries and what you have to do when you fall off the boat and everything only to scare me more... (Little bastard! :D :D :D )..... And it was such a good fun....  

After lunch we went for ATV drive through the jungle.... I had no idea how to drive this vehicle, but at the end I really enjoyed it. If nothing had bitten me there in that mud and in the jungle.... I should have survived for the rest of the trip with no problem.

Anyway, We really thought we wouldn't eat anything from the street but when we found this guy with the best pancakes in the world we just had to have one ;) and then one every day until the end of our stay in Krabi. See video how he was making it, INCREDIBLE!

Kayaking day. ;)  
It was so hot and we were sweating like crazy but the nature we saw was soooooo in Avatar movie. :D That's the only way how I can describe it...just AMAZING!

In the afternoon Patrik "let me go" for a "proper shopping  so I got another 2 scarves (of course ;)) and handmade bag in shape of Owl. :D :D :D
And there is a story: You always have to bargain in Thailand.  It was a  young boy trying to sell  the bag to me and I was looking at it for a couple of days at that time but he didn't know about it of course ;) and he wanted 580BHT for it.   (Very funny try alright :)) .... I told him I wouldn't give him more than 200 BHT and we started to talk.;)
He was so nice and when I told him I was from Slovakia he told me he really liked Slovak Swimmers and one of his favorite ones was called Daniela... somebody.... He even knew a couple of words in Slovak language..It was amazing... ... (we were on 400BHT on his site and 300BHT on my site in dealing that time) when I told him my name was Daniela too....... he said: "Do you know what Daniela, I will give it to you for 200BHT!"
PS: I got sooooo much more amazing things there!

On the last day before another travel we decided to relax on the beach again.  
We found great beach with no people on it where we could even walk from one small island to another in 1 foot high water.   
It was really nice there and in the afternoon I overcame my fear and got Aloe Vera massage. :D :D :D
Yes, I know it is hard to believe but I did it....  it was even more for my skin as it was still burned and painful and Aloe Vera was supposed to help.
Of course I laughed pretty much.... but I really liked it.  :D :D :D  
After that we had great dinner and pack again for another move...

If you want to check the Last part from Ko Phangan, just click HERE. :)

Keep Smiling... :)

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