Thailand - The Biggest Adventure of My Life (Last Part 3 - Ko Phangan)

I didn't really have the time to write anything to my diary every day, so I wrote this all together at the airport on our way home. ;)
We were traveling from Krabi to Ko Phangan buy bus which didn't even have windows.
And by a boat. It was the first time when I saw Justin Bieber video there….(on TV on the boat)
Or I actually hope it was him…:) :) :)
We have made a couple of stops on bus stations or so and I noticed a great thing.  
When people in Thailand don’t have anything to do in work, they don’t pretend they do something… they just don’t do anything   read a book or just sit outside and enjoy!
And from the bus I noticed that they don’t dry their clothes like us "on line” but on hangers like we would have it in our wardrobes…. Very funny! But practical... as I think they don't have to iron after that. ;)

When we arrived to Ko Phangan we were badly surprised of the way our bungalow looked like. It was pretty bad and we even found dead lizard in there.:/ 

So we decided to try our chances and Patrik went to ask at the reception whether we could get something else (as this place was quite expensive to compare with the rest we had experienced so far) and they gave us a different one just straight at the beach for 5E extra a night. ;)

When we woke up next morning on the sound of the sea and saw the beauty  (influx of the sea was touching our doorsteps) we forgot about everything and stayed at the beach for the rest of a day. 
Water was completely clear and warm and there were NO people.... I mean nobody! 
It was soooo quiet! It was the proper "honeymoon" time... :D :D :D

In the evening we went for a dinner and found a very small place, probably owned by two sisters and had dinner there every night since then.  It was very funny, because when we ordered a meal one of the girls jumped on her scooter and went somewhere to get the stuff to actually cook it. ;) 
The food was amazing and prepared with love.;)  As we were going there every night there was more and more love in our dinner. ;)  All dinner including fresh fruit shakes and pancakes never cost us more than 400BHT/10E. 
Next day we decided to rent a bike/scooter to discover the Island. (We couldn't stay doing nothing for two days in the row....of course...:D :D :D it is just not us.)
The rent for a day was 3.7E and petrol for 2 days cost us the very same.
During those 2 days we were riding the island from the top to bottom , did more snorkelling, visited a couple of waterfalls and jumped in to the lake off a rope! That was sooooo funny!!!! 

During our stay we found out that our island is very famous for beach parties.  And on Thursday there was the “Black moon party” happening (It is supposed to be one of the biggest beach parties in the world) German guys we met there just on our first day decided to go, but because it was an hour walk away we didn't and ended up in our local beach pub a minute walk from our place ;) 
You could have celebrated the black moon anywhere really! 
Horrible TECHNO music was on all night but of course we got drunk and even started to dance on it! :D :D
Next morning was pretty hard, especially for me :) but it was our last day anyway so we were relaxing on the beach all day…Because our new German friends were having hangover from the proper party, they were staying with us.;) by relaxing and trying to survive... :D :D :D

In the afternoon, I and Patrik decided to spend some time in the water. It was amazing because it wasn't higher than 30 – 50 cm and absolutely clear for a very far distance.  So we could just lie in it like we were having a bath. :)
As we were lying there....some Thai children came there to play. They were jumping, playing and swimming... basically having a fun in the water.;) It was amazing! There was a little girl (the cutest little human being I have ever seen in my life). 

She was probably 3 years old and because she was so little she had to stay in very small water with us and older kids went a little bit further in to the sea.
So let’s just say the water was 40 cm high but she wasn't more than 70 cm. She was jumping there absolutely not afraid of us and because it was making her laugh so much she kept her mouth opened and the salt water was constantly splashing in to her face and she couldn't breathe :)… it was making her to laugh even more...  It was the cutest and the funniest thing ever! :)
Or when a small wave came she couldn't balance her little body so she just put her little hand on my shoulder to support her.
After a while the little waves kind of moved my body a little bit away and she came to me, offered her little hand so I accepted even if I had no idea what she wanted to do and she pulled me all the way to Patrik and put my hand on his. 
She made some sound …. Like sound of satisfaction …and walked away.

The Greatest "cherry" on the top of our Thailand Adventure. :)

So this is the End…. Our experience and how we felt about Thailand and what it gave us. And It gave us a lot… :) Any Questions? Let me know. ;) and also you can see a couple of more pictures on Patriks FB page just here. :)

Keep Smiling... :)

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