Used up! :)

Úplne spotrebované! :)

Yes, did another video in Slovak language. 
Well, I guess I was just lazy and it is horrible to say. :) :) :)

YES! Head & Shoulders - Smooth & Silky shampoo
I have been using this shampoo probably for about 15 years now... :D and as we all already know EVERYTHING on my body is "super" dry and so is skin on my head... :) :) :)
The fear from itching is basically to big ..... and I am scared of change or trying a different one. :(

MAYBE! John Frieda Sheer Blonde - Highlight activating conditioner
Well, you know I love the silver moisturizing one a lot. :) This one was just fine.
First of all... the color is light brown which is a bit shocking and it obviously does what conditioner should do but no miracles are happening.

MAYBE! Avon - Natural Herbal Care and Repair Conditioning Balm
I used to really like it and buy it over and over again but I am not that impressed anymore.
I guess, my hair just got used to. :) The other problem I have is that it is only 125ml which I easily use  up in 3 applications.. :D :D
And because.... Avon has finished here in Ireland I cant even buy it anymore. :(

MAYBE! Loreal Elvive Conditioning Shine Spray
I got it in some Special offer in Tesco if I remember right. :) And it says you can use it after washing your hair or in to dry hair too and will give you a "mirror shine". :) Not only it gives that great feeling that you give an extra care to your hair it also smells really nice and gives the shine as it promises.

YES! Dove - Nutrium Moisture Shower gels in Plum and pomegranate
YES, Yes, Yes and 100 times yes! :)
Those are just amazing!
Very moisturizing and makes your skin feel smooth and beautiful.
They also smell incredibly good.... like ice-cream or some kind of candy. :)

NO! Avon - Skin so Soft Body Wash
I still have about an half of it but it is going straight in to the bin!
Not only is smells so bad but it doesn't make any foam or anything and the consistency is something like a butter milk. :(

NO! Avon Clearskin - Blackhead Clearing Deep Treatment Mask
This is the worst mask I have ever owned.
There is still about half of it in the tube but I cant use it anymore as it actually "annoys" me. :)
First of all.... IT IS NOT DOING ANYTHING! And it doesn't even smell nice.

YES! Avon Senses - Serenity Liquid Soap
I like Senses all together with shower gels so I usually buy the soaps also.
They smell nice and are soft and gentle way how to wash your hands.
I am sure I would buy it again if I had a chance as color also fits in to my bathroom.............
kind of... :D :D :D

YES! Beauty Iseree - Refreshing Facial Wipes
Those wipes you can get in Lidl and they are just enough for me and the way how I take my make up off every evening.
They come in to types. One is for normal and combination skin and the pink ones are for dry and sensitive. I get both of them and don't really see any difference.
I used to love Nivea wipes but because Iseree is about 4 times cheaper and do the same job I am sure I will be using them for another while.

NO! Montagne Jeunesse - DeClog Pores - Deep Cleanising Nose Pore Strips
They dont do anything so if you see them in Penneys just dont get them!


YES! Avon - Nail Experts Liquid Freeze
This is one of the things I dont even know how I will replace.
I am sure You have noticed I use it every-time I paint my nails as it makes my life much more easier and it is just brilliant! This is my second last bottle so if you have any idea what else could I use with same effect just let me know. :)

MAYBE! Essence - Stay all day long lasting Eyeshadow in 01 Coppy Right
I nearly used it up completely. It is a brilliant thing when every minute counts in the morning and you want to use a bit of color on your eyes. It is a beautiful color and the consintence was really good at the begginig but it changed after about month and half and I was not able to use it anymore. Much cheaper than Color Tattoos of course and it lasts all day. The color is obviously not as strong in the evening as it is in the morning but it is pretty visible. :)

Keep Smiling... :)

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