My Haircare Routine...(video)

Ako sa starám o vlasy...

As you guys already noticed I cut a good bit of my hair off. :) I hope you like it...
My haircare routine did not really changed except the fact that it takes half of the time and use smaller ammount of products which is always good for our wallet, right? :)

My only shampoo I have been using for years now is Head and Shoulders because my dry and sensitive skin and when it comes to conditioners I use anything what is on promotion when I get to shop. ;) I am always choosing something what will smooth my hair and this one with Argan Oil is really good.

Tangle Tezzer is my next step. ;)

I always have to use something extra to treat my hair and I love to use "leave in" conditioner. At the moment it is Avon Advance Techniques - Frizz Control with a bit of oil and it also smells beautifly and some heat protection cant be missing. Avon Advance Techniques - Heat protection Styler works great for it.

I usually hairdry my fringe as it would end up super curly and the rest of my hair just a little bit. My hairdryer is this Visiq one. Works perfectly and I remember getting it in Argos for a very good price years ago now.

And now, we have 2 options.
I either leave rest of my hair and let them airdry or use this "magic machine" BaBytist Big Hair hairdryer. It basically helps you to blow dry your hair without usind 2 hands and brush as brush on this thing rotates itself. ;) Magic! :)

Last 3 products I would like to talk about are Batiste Dry Shampoo. It is my life saver because I do not wash my hair everyday. It makes your second day hair looks much better and fresher and also adds a bit of volume. The second thing is this John Frieda - 100% Shine Spray which is absolutely brilliant! I dont use it everyday but when I do.... my hair looks really shiny and healthy. 
And the last thing is this Wella Shock Waves Mousse. I am normally using it to smooth the mess on my head when I get up in the morning... :) I guess any mousse would sort this problem for me...

Before... :)

And After... :)

Keep Smiling... :)

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