Magic Curlers - First Impression

Prvý dojem z Magických natáčok

Today's video is about my first use of Magic Curlers and the impression I got.
One of my Slovak friends asked me about them a while ago and I saw them in one of our local pharmacies and got them to try out. :) 
The video will be boring for you as it is in Slovak Language but I can say that even if I had small sizes and curled half of my head only I was impressed. :)
I was expecting much worse. :) :) :) I can imagine there would be nice and easy way how to make nice natural waves without wasting your time in front of the mirror trying to use some "hot tool" :) :) :)

I promise, next video will be in English again and I am sure that if you are interested in these Magic Curlers you will be able to find some other video on our Brilliant YouTube. :)

Keep Smiling... :)