TAG: Not only Make up is my life... :)

TAG: Nežijem len Make upom... :)

Toto je prvý tag, ktorý som natočila, takže dúfam, že sa zabavíte... a PS: Nemám tušenie, čo je to za divný zvuk v pozadí...

I decided to do something different for a change and here I am with this funny TAG. :) I was tagged by Suzi already ages ago and finally found some time to do it. 
Video is in Slovak languages so here are my short answer which might help you to get to know me a bit more. :)

1. Do you watch TV? What is your favorite program?
For last couple of years I did not even have TV or Irish programs. Only since about a year ago I watch most of Slovak channels through internet even if it is not a lot at all.
What I absolutely DO NOT watch is "News". I don't have the need to watch something negative for an hour and half of it is actually full of ads. I am absolutely not interested in politics either so if I want to know what is happening in the World.... Google is my friend and I am able to check everything in 10 minutes.
BUT.... what I like to watch are "reality shows" :) :) :) :) :)  I know it sounds horrible but I found it really entertaining an hilarious. :) I am not talking about those where young people drink, gossip and have sex with each other... I like ones where people are usually living in the country. Something like "farm-man is looking for a wife" or something where people work manually and build something. :)

2. Do you cook? What is your favorite main course and dessert?
Hmmmmm.... Because I am a member of family which consists two and the second one is a man... YES! I cook. :) Even if it is not one of my favorite activities. :) And I don't bake at all.
When it comes to food... I am not really person who would eat meat and everything with tomatoes is Yuuuummmmyyyyy :) And dessert? It has to be ice-cream nearly all the time. I don't really like sweets that much or some kind of chocolate cakes...on the other side I LOVE everything what is sour.... like: pickles, butter milk....

3. What is your dream work profession?
When I was a little girl I wanted to be a teacher. :) And later on I wanted to have Bookshop where you could stay and have coffee or tea and "smell all those books" :) But if I could really choose something.... I would love to be a dancer in musicals. :) :) :) :) :) :)

4. How many languages can you speak and how many languages would you like to speak?
I can speak Slovak which is obvious. :) Because I have so much contact with Polish people I can speak quite well in Polish if I really want to but I cant read or white though. I think all Slovak people understand Czech and I read books in Czech too...... and If I have a bit of a drink in me I can also speak fluently.... hahahaha
I hope I can speak English now at least you guys can understand me and I wish to learn Italian and I thing Russian language is really beautiful and hopefully I will be able to learn it too, some day.

5. What little things you spend money on make you happy except make up?
Anything what can make our home nicer. :) I am our "home - decor-er" :) It can be anything, candle or flower. It all make me happy. :)

6. Is it hard or easy for you to meet and talk to new people? 
Hmmmmmm It is.... NOT hard for me at all. :) :) :) :) Sometimes, I just start some conversation and pretend that I actually know the person and then introduce myself after about an hour later. :) Or if I like somebody I start to talk to this person and I don't even give those people chance to decide whether they want to talk to me....... hahaha

7. Do you read books or you prefer reading on Internet?
Yes, I read books. A LOT! :) I would probably read even more if I didn't have my blog. And on Internet I read couple of blogs only I am moreeee..... YouTube girl. :)

8. What is your best and worse trait?
I am very positive person and I believe in "good" of people and the world until they convince me they are not. hmmmmm is it even trait? :)
And some bad one? I guess I postpone things to do .... until tomorrow and from tomorrow to day after tomorrow.... :) :) :)

9. Do you like going out with your friends or you prefer spending time with small quieter company?
YES! I love to go out with my friends. I actually love to do any activity with my friends but I have to admit that from time to time I love to spend some time in "smaller quieter company" which really means ME with MYSELF! :)

10. What would you do if you didn't have your blog and had much more free time?
I would read more. :) I would start to dance again. :) I would probably became a proper housewife which might even bake! :):):):):) NO! It would never happen! Or I might start to watch TV more... basically doing all of those things what "normal people" do. :)

I hope you enjoyed and whoever wants to do this TAG..... DO IT! 
And leave the link in comments I will be happy to read it!

Keep Smiling... :)