Used Up "5"! (video)

I might seem a bit boring when you see all of the products as they are nearly the same all the time but what can I say? :) I am just BIG Nivea fun and If I find something I really like and it works for me there is no reason for change.... unless.... :)

YES! Head & Shoulder Shampoo

No! Nivea In Shower Body Moisturizer 
(Only because I need the perfect blue version for my skin type)

YES! Argan Oil Conditioner
NO! Tresemme Conditioner
MAYBE! Loreal Elvive Conditioner

YES! Nubar Top Coat
MAYBE! Avon Leave in Conditioner
YES! Loreal True Match Foundation
YES! Maybelline The Falses Volume Express Mascara

YES! For ALL Nivea Shower Gels

YES! ISERRE Facial Wipes and Cotton Pads

YES! Elasti-Q Body Butter
MAYBE! Palmers - Cocoa Butter Formula
NO! Sex In The City Body Lotion

YES! TRESemmé Salon Finish Hair Spray
YES! Dove Silk Glow Shower Gel
YES! Cutex Ultra Cleansing Nail Polish Remover

YES! Nivea Cleansing Lotions

YES! Dove Nourishing Body Creams

YES! Nivea Roll On Antiperspirants
NO! Nivea Dry Confidence Spray

Keep Smiling... :)

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